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Polygon ID SDK Overview

Like any other SDK, the Polygon ID SDK is a set of tools that consists of core components including libraries, code samples, APIs, and documentation that have been used to create the Polygon ID Wallet App. An Integrator can use this PolygonID SDK to either create their own apps (that provide similar functionality as that of the Polygon ID Wallet App) or integrate the functionalities seamlessly with their existing apps.

Disclaimer: Polygon ID Wallet SDK is not production-ready yet and will be subject to major changes in the upcoming months.

Polygon ID SDK and Polygon ID Wallet App

In the wallet tutorials, you would be reading terms like Polygon ID SDK and Polygon ID Wallet APP repeatedly. Do not let the terminology confuse you here!! The Polygon ID SDK and the Polygon ID Wallet App are different concepts: the prior is the technology and the later one is one of its possible implementation.

While, as you read above, Polygon ID SDK is the software development kit that acts as a core functionality, Wallet App is an application that has been built over this SDK. This Identity Wallet helps Integrators create identities for their wallets and authenticate these identities while interacting with Issuers and Verifiers.

Here, we can conclude that an Integrator can use Polygon ID SDK to build an Identity Wallet of his/her own or can also customize any pre-existing identity wallets using the features provided by the SDK.

In the sections to come, you will read more about the Polygon ID SDK plugin and also an example app that will guide you to the initial setup required for using this plugin. In the later part of this example app, you will get to know the overall flow of the functionality that this plugin provides.

Note: Please note that the iOS Simulator for testing the Polygon ID SDK application is still under maintenance and would be available to use soon.