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To Get Identity: getIdentity

We can get an identity stored on the SDK using getIdentity() function.

Get an Identity

Future<IdentityEntity> getIdentity(
      {required String genesisDid, 
      String? privateKey

The getIdentity() function gets an IdentityEntity from an identifier. It returns an identity as a PrivateIdentityEntity or IdentityEntity (in case privateKey is omitted or invalid for that identifier).

did is the unique ID of the identity and genesisDid is the did of the first profile of the identity, it is the unique ID of the identity for which profile nonce is 0.

Note: It is worth noting that did is a Decentralized Identifier associated with an identity and enables verifiable identities. A did could be a person, thing, organization, or even an abstract entity. The controller of the did can prove that it is the real owner of the identity without the need of seeking permissions/approvals from any centralized authority.

A did is expressed in the following format (as per standards):

did: did method: did method-specific identifier

privateKey is the key that is used to access sensitive information related to an identity. This key is also used to generate proofs using the credentials associated with that identity.