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To Backup Identity: backupIdentity

This method backs up the identity stored on SDK.

Backup an Identity

A previously stored IdentityEntity on SDK is backed up using backupIdentity() method. The IdentityEntity is backed up from a privateKey associated with the Identity.

Future<Map<int, String>?>backupIdentity({
    required String privateKey, 
    required blockchain, 
    required network

privateKey of the identity is a key that is used to access the sensitive information of the identity. This key is also used for generating proofs by using the credentials associated with the identity.

blockchain is the name of the blockchain associated with the identity. In our case, it is Polygon.

network is the type of network (Mainnet or Testnet) associated with the identity.

The method returns a map of profile nonces and encrypted databases associated with the identity.

If an error occurs, the method throws an IdentityException.