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To Get Proofs: getProofs

This function uses identity to generate the zero-knowledge proofs requested by the Iden3Message Entity.

Get Proof

The getProofs() method uses Iden3MessageEntity, did, profileNonce, and privateKey as the input parameters and returns a JWZProofEntity.

Future<List<JWZProofEntity>> getProofs(
      {required Iden3MessageEntity message,
      required String did,
      int? profileNonce,
      required String privateKey}); 

Iden3MessageEntity: returned from getIden3Message method after a user scans the QR code on Issuer/Verifier website.

profileNonce is the nonce of the profile of an identity.

privateKey of the identity is a key that is used to access the sensitive information of the identity. This key is also used for generating proofs by using the credentials associated with the identity.

did is the unique ID of the identity.

JWZProofEntityis the JWZ message that the Integrator sends to the Issuer/Verifier after scanning the QR code. Read more about JWZ here.

Note: The iden3comm's getProofs method retrieves the proofs from the proof request of the Verifier. The actual proof is created by the prove() method, which you will read about in the Proof section of the APIs. For this to happen, iden3comm makes a call to prove().