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To Authenticate Identity with Issuer

An Integrator, in order to use the services of an Issuer, needs to authenticate itself with that Issuer. For this to happen, the Integrator needs to call the authenticate() method.

Authenticate Identity

The authenticate() method uses Iden3MessageEntity, did, profileNonce, privateKey, and an optional pushToken as input parameters.

Future<void> authenticate(
      {required Iden3MessageEntity message,
      required String did,
      int? profileNonce,
      required String privateKey,
      String? pushToken});
Iden3MessageEntity is the Iden3 message retrieved from the getIden3Message() method did is the unique ID of the identity. profileNonce is the nonce of the profile of an identity. privateKey of the identity is a key that is used to access the sensitive information of the identity. This key is also used for generating proofs by using the credentials associated with the identity.

pushToken lets an Integrator receive the Iden3 messages through push notification.


  1. Retrieve CircuitDataEntity from the loadCircuitFiles. CircuitDataEntity are the circuits used for generating an authentication proof that we share with the Issuer with JWZ.

  2. Retrieve iden3message by scanning the QR code and transform it into a string message with getiden3message() method.

  3. Get authToken from authenticate() and authenticate Identity with authToken.

Wallet-Issuer Interaction using Authentication

An Integrator, to interact with an Issuer, needs to authenticate with it first.

  1. On the Polygon ID app (which is based on SDK), an Integrator clicks Connect.

  2. The Issuer displays a QR code. The Integrator, using the app, scans this code.

  3. With this, the Authenticate() function (with the identifier, private key and message as the inputs) is executed. The function authenticates the Identity and sends the authentication information (in the form of a big encoded message based on JWZ) to the Issuer.

    Note: Read more on JWZ here.

  4. The Issuer receives the data sent by the Integrator and based on its correctness, authenticates or rejects the identity. The wallet analyzes this response from the Issuer.