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To Update Credentials: updateClaim

The credentials stored on the SDK can be updated using the credential's ID.

Update Credentials

The updateClaim() method uses claimId, issuer, did, state, expiration, type, date, and privateKey as input parameters and updates the credential information.

Future<ClaimEntity> updateClaim({
    required String claimId,
    String? issuer,
    required String did,
    ClaimState? state,
    String? expiration,
    String? type,
    Map<String, dynamic>? data,
    required String privateKey,


claimId is the credential's ID.

issuer is the did of the issuer.

did is the unique ID of the identity.

state is the credential's current state.

expiration is the date and time of the expiration of the credential in string format.

type is type of verifiable credential, for example: KYCAgeCredential.

data is the information related to a verifiable credential.

privateKey of the identity is a key that is used to access the sensitive information of the identity. This key is also used for generating proofs by using the credentials associated with the identity.

This function returns the updated ClaimEntity.

Note: Only the is updated and data is subject to validation by the data layer. is the information related to a verifiable credential that an Integrator receives from an Issuer.