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To Get Credentials: getClaims

After a credential is fetched from an Issuer and stored on the wallet SDK, an Integrator can retrieve this credential from the storage. This is done using getClaims() function.

Get Credentials

Future<List<ClaimEntity>> getClaims(
      {List<FilterEntity>? filters,
      required String did,
      required String privateKey});

This function returns a list of ClaimEntity based on some pre-defined criteria or filters. The function uses privateKey and did as input parameters.

privateKey of the identity is a key that is used to access the sensitive information of the identity. This key is also used for generating proofs by using the credentials associated with the identity.

did is the unique ID of the identity.

Get Credentials by Ids: getClaimsByIds

The getClaimsByIds() function retrieves a list of credentials stored on the SDK using a list of credential IDs.

Get Credentials by Ids

Future<List<ClaimEntity>> getClaimsByIds(
      {required List<String> claimIds,
      required String did,
      required String privateKey});

The method, based on the credential IDs, retrieves a list of ClaimEntity from the storage.

Note: An Issuer assigns IDs to the credentials. The wallet, after fetching these credentials, stores them on the SDK.