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To Fetch and Save Credentials: fetchAndSaveClaims

An Integrator can fetch credentials stored on an Issuer and then save them in his/her wallet. ThefetchAndSaveClaims() function is called to fetch and save a list of credentials from an Issuer.

Fetch and Save Credentials

Future<List<ClaimEntity>> fetchAndSaveClaims(
      {required OfferIden3MessageEntity message,
      required String did,
      required String privateKey});

The fetchAndSaveClaims() function uses OfferIden3MessageEntity, privateKey, and did as the input parameters. and returns a list of ClaimEntity.

OfferIden3MessageEntity: OfferIden3MessageEntity is a type of Iden3MessageEntity. As you can see in the iden3 Message API tutorial, we get Iden3MessageEntity when we call getIden3Message()method.

privateKey of the identity is a key that is used to access the sensitive information of the identity. This key is also used for generating proofs by using the credentials associated with the identity.

did is the unique id of the identity.

Wallet-Issuer Interaction for Fetching Credentials

  1. Integrator scans the QR code displayed on the Issuer site to get the Iden3 message.

  2. The Integrator uses the OfferIden3MessageEntity obtained from the Iden3 message to authenticate and fetch the credentials from the Issuer.

  3. The Issuer validates the identity and returns a list of ClaimEntities back to the Integrator.

  4. The credentials are stored on the SDK associated with the identity.