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Issuer Overview

An Issuer is any subject that issues Verifiable Credentials. You can think of a credentials as a statement: something an Issuer says about another subject. For example, when a university (Issuer) says that a student (subject) has a degree, this is a credential.

An issuer might be:

  • A DAO that issues “membership claims" to its members.
  • A Government that issues ID to its citizens.
  • A Face detection ML application that issues "proof of personhood" claims.
  • An employer that endorses its employees.

Verifiable Credentials are a flexible data format able to express any type of information so that developers can unleash their creativity.

To operate, an Issuer must run an Issuer Node, which is a self-hosted Node that exposes all the functionalities necessary to run an issuer.

Using Polygon ID an Issuer can issue Credentials to their users (or friends!).

Alternatively, you can quickly try out the Credential Issuance experience using the Demo Issuer.